Change Chemistry’s programs and projects provide companies opportunities to support the system-wide transition necessary to accelerate the shift towards safer, more sustainable chemicals.

Our programs bring together stakeholders from across the value chain to:

  • Build alignment on chemical innovation priorities
  • Identify and lower barriers to adoption and scale more sustainable solutions
  • Transform markets to create a strong demand for safer alternatives
  • Create a supportive policy environment

The impetus for all projects is driven by you, our members. You set strategic objectives and goals. We provide the support of our staff in three areas:

  • Active Learning Communities—These groups meet monthly to learn from each other as well as industry experts.
    • Retailer Leadership Council
    • Supply Chain Working Group
  • Market Activation & Transformation—Activities, outreach, collaborations, and projects that enable the transition to more sustainable chemicals and materials.
    • Collaborative Innovation Program
    • Startup Network
    • Sustainable Chemistry Alliance & Advocacy
    • Executive Forum
  • Amplification & Strategic Engagement—We regularly gather stakeholders during hybrid events, webinars, workshops, and working groups.