Market Activation & Transformation

The Market Activation & Transformation working group focuses on activities, outreach, collaborations, and projects that enable the transition to more sustainable chemicals and materials. These include responses to external pressures for change and the supportive structure to create large-scale shifts within the market place. Projects identified by the ALCs or the broader membership come to life here.

  • Collaborative Innovation Program: Targets specific chemical functions, challenges the chemical product supply chain, brings together stakeholders to address impediments to adoption.
  • Startup Network: Shines a light on innovators with green and sustainable chemistry solutions who are not yet known to the members of the commercial value chain.
  • Sustainable Chemistry Alliance: Advances supportive policy at the state and federal level. We also support the adoption and implementation of Europe’s Green Deal and Safe and Sustainable by Design framework.
  • Executive Forum: Launching in 2023, the Executive Forum is a peer engagement group that targets C-suite professionals to share and address barriers to the scale and adoption of more sustainable chemicals. Executives will articulate commitments for sustainable action and systematic change within their organizations.