Collaborative Innovation

Promoting Green Chemistry Innovation

The GC3, now Change Chemistry, Collaborative Innovation Program is developing new collaborative models for advancing green chemistry innovation to bring new, safer chemicals and materials to market and encourage their adoption.

Many Change Chemistry members need novel, safe, effective, and even natural chemical ingredients or materials for their products. These members are willing to set aside their competitive instincts to collaboratively search for, evaluate, and push to market new green chemicals and materials. Collaboration makes particular sense when the target chemical or material is:

  1. Common to products sold by multiple companies;
  2. Necessary for the product but does not confer competitive advantage for the product
  3. Where there are regulatory or market pressures that call for action.

Change Chemistry has developed many collaborative innovation models. These include silicone chemistry alternatives for cosmetics and personal care; a collaborative challenge to find alternatives to problematic preservatives for personal care and household products; collaborative hazard assessments for safer alternatives to plasticizers; and many others. All are designed to identify safer, more sustainable alternatives and accelerate the commercialization of these technologies.